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Welcome Letter

It's 2016 and we're gearing up for the seventh annual conference!

The field of renewable energy has seen many ups and downs over the past decade. In Israel, we have experienced times of excitement and planning for the coming revolution; times of experimentation and running through bureaucratic mazes; times of launching an industry and fighting for the very existence of the field. Today, we are once again in an era when we are anticipating solar quotas that are supposed to be released at any moment, but this time, the industry is smaller, more mature and experienced.

Clean energy, especially solar energy has now become economically feasible, and it is less expensive than coal and gas, even before adding surplus costs. This energy needs to break through and meet all of the governmental targets set to date, and even exceed them - there's no reason why this shouldn't happen!

Storage - the next challenge, which is also slowly but surely closing gaps, can make renewable energy the world's main source of energy.

Reducing the size of transmission networks, distributing sources of production and adjusting the production-consumption interface, while using the transmission network solely for the sake of backup, can bring things full circle and significantly change the global energy market.

In the Eilat-Eilot sphere, we don't stop: 106 MW are already installed; 60 MW of the Timna tender are underway as is a 30 MW project on the rooftops in Eilat – an example of a smart, money-saving neighborhood initiative; electric taxis; streamlining of green public building codes, electric transportation from the new airport into the city; and a plan for 160 mega of pumped energy - all are currently in various stages of planning and implementation. At the technology incubator, Capital Nature, challenging opportunities for innovation continue to grow.

This year, the conference will focus on case studies and on the needs and opportunities in Israel and beyond. While emphasis will be placed on connecting to international players who have the possibility and motivation to invest in innovation, no less important will be the focus on expanding efforts in Israel, with the release of 1 giga of solar quotas.

It would appear that this year will show an upward trend. We have know-how, tools, experience, and an economic platform and desire to vigorously promote the field.

We hope to see you in November!

Sincerely yours,

Noam Ilan – Deputy Director, CN Technologies
Dorit Banet – Director, Eilat – Hevel Eilot Renewable Energy Company
Co-chairs of the Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference




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