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About Eilat

Eilat – the most popular resort city in Israel

Located at the very south of Israel on the coast of the Red Sea, Eilat is Israel's most popular resort city with hotels and beaches packed with Israeli vacationers and tourists from around the world.

Eilat combination of hot climate, a tropical sea and a background of wild mountains has turned it into a top vacation destination all the year round.


Entertainment, fun, attractions and fine hotels

Eilat offers plenty of entertainment, fun, attractions and fine hotels.

Eilat beaches run from the north edge of the Eilat bay, near the Jordanian border down to Taba, at the Egyptian border. Many of the hotels offer beach services including snack bars, beach games, and sports activities.

Don’t let the light north wind confuse you and remember to always wear sunscreen and a hat.
In most beaches you find parasols, or you can rent one.

Action seekers will find plenty of attractions and activities. Water sports are very popular around here, so you can chose to play netball, enjoy a paddle boat, tear through the water on an inflated “banana boat”, fly above the sea like a bird with a parachute pulled behind a speeding boat , surf, hop on a sailboat, and much more. 










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