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Eilat Nightlife

Pubs, Discotheques and Live Performances

Most of the pubs in Eilat are located around the tourist area or along the beach side promenades under the large hotels. These pubs offer not only a wide variety of drinks and tasty nighttime snacks, but also live performances by artists from Israel and overseas.

The discotheques are mostly located in the tourist area, although lately there have been some nice new openings down at the Eilat’s old industrial zone. Many of the hang-out places around the promenade are owned by the hotels but they will let non-guest join the fun. At night, many beaches turn into pubs, attracting hosts of young people. 

A Combination of Music, Dimmed Lighting and the Sound of Waves

The combination of music, dimmed lighting and the sound of waves is unbeatable. In recent years there is a flourishing dance scene in Eilat, with some of the world’s best-known DJs and the most up-to-date music. It is best to ask at your hotel or the taxi driver where you could find the best party of the day. The sound, lighting, décor and technology are state-of-the-art, and you better dress properly or the door guard won’t let you in. There are two movie theater complexes, both located in malls – one at the “Mall HaYam” at the end of the “Tayelet”, the other at the “Hakenyon Ha’adom” mall, downtown.

Shows run from the afternoon through midnight on Fridays. Granted Eilat is no Tel-Aviv, yet you can find plenty of little restaurants and coffeehouses. Alongside the regular chains you can find some lovely little local places serving light meals, freshly baked bread and pastries, special drinks and fine alcohol






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