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Meeting of Investors and Entrepreneur in Marine Biotechnolgy Mariculture

15:30- 15:45    Registration

Introduction session:
Entrepreneurs, economic and environmental aspects in algae rearing and mariculture 

Chairmans: Noam Mozes, Ami Ben Amotz

15:45-15:55 Establishing Algae production in the Desert, with a future perspective

Hagai Stadler, Alga-technologies

15:55-16:05 Recirculating Aquaculture Systems – the future of fish farming in large commercial operations

Yoav Dagan, Aqua-Maof

16:05-16:15 Remarks on conservation vs. development in the Gulf of Eilat

Maya Yakobs, Zalol

16:15-16:25 Environmental aspects in development of environmental friendly mariculture park in Southern Arava

Noam Mozes, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

16:25-16:45 Innovation on alae companies:           

Univerve – Raanan Hertzog

Bioalgae – Lior Kaupman

Nori-Blue – Belya Potash

TransAlgae – Doron Izenshtat

16:45-17:00 Economic aspects of producing fuel from micro and macro algae

Ruslana Rachel Palatnik, University of Haifa


Entrepreneur Investors' Meeting

Chairmans: Yaron Himhi

17:00 – Opening greetings

  • 17:00-17:10  Meir Yitzhak Halevi – Mayor of Eilat
  • 17:10-17:20  Hannan Ginat – Mayor of Eilot Council  
  • 17:20-17:30  Eli Lankri – Deputy Mayor of Eilat

17:30-18:00  Coffee break

18:00-18:15   The development of a  biotechnology and mariculture park in Southern Eilat-EilotNoam Mozes,

Shaul Zaban, Dror Nachmias, Uri Harel

18:15-18:30   MBE foundation

Yaron Kimhi

18:30-18:45   Optional R&D infrastructure and facilities

Rafi Fridman

18:45-19:00   Mariculture – present and future challenges

Hanna Rosenfeld, National Center for Mariculture, IOLR


Expert panel answering questions from the audience on the requirements, possibilities and limitations of entrepreneurs in the development phase of the mariculture park Eilat-Eilot

Moderator: Yaron Gunda

Panel experts:

Ely Lankri, Noam Mozes. Hanna Rosenfeld, Amos Tandler, Sheldon Pink – Director of Industry area in Aqaba.






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