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Timetable for Sunday, November 27 – Professional Tour in Renewable Energy Facilities

08:00     Pick-up from Arlozorov central bus station in Tel Aviv

10:00-11:30     The Ashalim Thermo-Solar Power Station: Megalim and Negev Energy 

Megalim: The station, which is being constructed in the Western Negev Desert, will provide 250 Megawatt of electricity. The station will combine 3 kinds of energy: solar thermal energy, photovoltaic energy, and natural gas.

Negev Energy: The station will operate in thermo-solar technology (CSP) with the capacity of approximately -121 MW (of the largest of its kind in the world), and will generate about 440 GW-hours of clean electricity to the national grid, for 25 years.

12:30-14:00     Brenmiller Energy Demo Site - Autonomous Storage-based Generation System + Light Lunch

Brenmiller Energy has developed a new way to handle energy storage in a cost efficient and environmentally friendly way. The proprietary unique ENERGY STORAGE CENTER, a high temperature thermal energy storage, provides sustainable energy solutions to the Distributed Generation market

Brenmiller Energy was founded in 2012 by Avi Brenmiller, former CEO of Solel Solar Systems, and later Siemens CSP.

16:00-17:00     Off Grid Demonstration Village

Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative have established a new center, the Off Grid Demonstration Village, for off grid solutions, situated at Kibbutz Ketura. The pupose of the demonstration village is to bring off-grid technology into developing markets by means of strategic partnerships in the target countries. The center is suited to established companies and start-ups with energy and water products, with off-grid products, and with products aimed at the developing market. The center offers space for experiments; demonstrations; exposure, including integration with other solutions, entry support into the target market (links to local distributors, aid organizations, and more); and help in raising capital from international funding organizations.


17:15-18:00     Robotic Cleaning of Solar Panels

The Ketura field uses innovative cleaning of solar panels, the first of its kind remote-controlled, self-powering robots. The panel cleaning is accomplished by means of microfibers and a gentle flow of air, with not a drop of water.

18:00-19:00     Cocktail reception at the Renewable Energy Research Center

20:00     Arrival to Dan Eilat Hotel



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