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Dr. Shlomo Wald

Senior Research Fellow
JRC Joint Research Centre - Ispra

Dr. Wald serves as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Energy, Transportation and Climate, EU Joint Research Center (JRC) - Ispra, Italy. Among his activities are: The implementation of the EU directives on the safety of off-shore oil and gas operations. Unconventional-hydrocarbon production prospects, their environmental and social impact, in Europe. And, the future smart energy grid in view of the EU Energy-Union vision, especially the involved interoperability challenges.

He has 20 years of experience as the Chief scientist at the Propulsion Physics Laboratory at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center. Fields of expertise are: Plasma physics, fluid dynamics and propulsion technologies, Pulsed electromagnetic devices development and applications. Lead numerous large scale, national and international, scientific projects.

He also served as the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources. Responsible for long-term national policy and technology development in the fields of: energy, water, earth and marine sciences. Conduct academic and industrial R&D programs in Israel and on international level.

He has over 100 publications and holds several patents mainly in plasma applications in waste treatment and hard coating technologies. He served as the first Israeli coordinator in the EU RDT programs (in the 4th Framework Program).






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