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Call for Abstracts

The conference is a global leading platform for presenting achievements and trends in renewable energy, energy conservation and solar industries by way of lectures, presentations, keynote speeches, panels, field trips and an exhibition.

Join us and take part in the leading conference on Renewable and Clean Energy​ in Israel!

Topics of interest:
  • Cleantech Innovation
  • Developing and Testing Breakthrough Technologies
  • Energy Storage
  • Policy Measures & Business Opportunities in Israel 
  • Utility Scale Renewable Energy Production-PV, Thermo Solar and Wind
  • Distributed and Off-Grid Renewable Electricity Production
  • Smart Transportation
  • Waste to Energy
  • RE for Developing Economies
  • RE as a Catalyst for Regional Development 
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Smart-Grid 
  • Energy Independence
  • Re as a Catalyst for Energy Security
Instructions for submission:
  • Authors wishing to present a paper or poster at the conference are invited to submit an abstract electronically for the consideration of the Scientific Committee.
  • The lectures should fit in with the titles of  the sessions as you'll find in the program:  http://www.eilatenergy.org/Program/GeneralTentativeProgram.aspx
  • Each title should be multidisciplinary and should include all aspects of: technology, regulation, case studies, examples of success stories, policy, etc.
  • Please note that an online submission is required for submissions to be considered. 

Abstracts submission deadline is June 30, 2016.






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